Two OPENVPN tunnels wrong routing RUT240

I configured two OPENVPN clients on a RUT240 as follows:

Both clients point to two differente pfsense firewalls with the same configuration.

When I try to ping the router from a remote machine in the LAN behind the firewalls, the traffic is not routed correctly.

It appears that the request is received in one tunnel but the response is then sent in the other.

Is it possible to force the response to be sent to the same tunnel it came from?


You mentioned that both tunnels point to pfSense firewalls with the same configuration, and both tunnels are using identical LAN subnets. The easiest way to resolve the issue you’re facing is to assign different LAN subnets or, at the very least, use different VPN LAN IP addresses. Currently, both VPNs are using the same IP address, which is

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Ok this solution obviously solve the problem. But is there any other configurations on router that can force incoming pocket from tunnel A exit on tunnel A ?

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