Tsw202 PoE power consumption via cli

Hello everybody,

is there any way to read the power consumption of any attached PoE device using a cli/ssh command for the TSW202?

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Yes, there is a way of doing it via CLI/SSH. It can be checked using ubus command.

For checking information about all ports you can use this command:

ubus call tswconfig.poe get


And for cheching information for specific port json filter can be used too:

ubus call tswconfig.poe get | jsonfilter -e '@.port7'


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Dear Marijus,

thank you!

Is there any documentation available for the cli/ssh functions like ubus / uci? Are there other specific commands that I should know of when working with RUTxxx and TSW202?

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Dear Marijus, in my TSW202 this is not working:
root@Teltonika-TSW202:~# ubus call tswconfig.poe get
Command failed: Not found

I am also not able to disconnect any PoE power / power cycle the PoE device. No matter if I use the web interface or the ssh function.

Strange too: the web interface does not show my an indicator / power consumption of the device attached, although it is owered on.

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Hi there,

Could you please take a screenshot of the Status → Overview page? Also, could you execute this command:

ubus list | grep tswconfig

and send me the output?

Additionally, does PoE work for you? Can devices be powered over PoE ports?


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