TSW202 - not ready for primetime

I finally received the TSW202 devices I order quite a long while ago. First impression - lukewarm.

I immediately connected it to RMS and updated to the latest firmware. Very nice.

Topology in use: RUTX11 → TSW202 → Windows Laptop, Linux Box, Linux Box, Ubiquiti Access Point → other

On RMS it correctly shows that 5 ports are in use, but the “Ports” page only shows two devices accessible, my windows laptop and my RUTX11. The SNMP atTable also only showed the same two devices. The forwarding table shown in the local switch UI has 16 entries though.

The RUTX11 RMS page, on the other hand, shows all the devices connected, including the TSW202, the Access point, and the devices connecting through the client radios using the access point.

Moving on… I like to test toggling power on various devices and the whole system to see how quickly things recover. Unfortunately, I seemed to be able to get this switch into a state where, after I toggled the power on one of my linux boxes, it became inaccessible. I spent a lot of time swapping the linux box connection from the TSW to directly into the RUT and back with linux reboots and power cycles in between, but no way was it going to work through the TSW. It was always immediately accessible when directly connected to the RUT. Then I walked away for a while, came back and it was working. Not sure what was going on there.

I’ll note that the boot time of this switch seems longer than similar offerings, and I think the “Cable Diagnostic” page is reporting lengths in (ft) even though the column says (m).

The main thing I want out of this switch is to be able to see what is connected through what port remotely with ease. I’m also hoping this switch gets updated to use Mode A PoE power delivery like the TSW101.


The “inaccessible linux” box returns - I simply rebooted the device (WagoEdge / Debian) and could no longer access it.

From the WagoEdge’s point of view, it could not obtain it’s DHCP lease until I removed the TSW202 from the network.

This was RUTX11 LAN → TSW202 → WagoEdge, with the RUTX11 acting as the DHCP server and a static lease configured for the WagoEdge.

I have no special config in the TSW202… just the default vlan 1.

If someone could explain how the TSW202 is interfering with DHCP, that would be great.

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