TSW202 NAT opportunity - WAN?

Hi, community
Can I have NAT setup on TSW202?
It seems like very cool device for having as first from multiple providers, but I can’t find functionality to have specific port as WAN in UI
Maybe via ssh/cli could be done by leveraging openwrt?

Thanks in advance for the ideas


Our managed switches operate at Layer 2 with some additional features, sometimes referred to as Layer 2.5 switches. However, it’s important to note that Network Address Translation (NAT) operates at Layer 3, and our switches don’t support this functionality.

NAT is typically handled by routers, and switches lack the capability to perform NAT. Even if you consider using OpenWRT, it won’t provide the desired results in terms of NAT on these switches, as the chipset within this device is intended for switching operations rather than routing.

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Thank you for the response
Does it mean I need to get one of your routers in order to get this done?
Looking at https://teltonika-networks.com/ua/compare?productIDs=58%2C62 these 2 - will they work as NAT for local network connectivity? @Marijus

Yes, any router from our lineup will work for this use case.

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