TSW200 switch lightning up all ethernet ports LEDs


We’re powering our test TSW200 switch with a PR317EUA 48V AC/DC charger.
Two active PoE WiFi access points are connected to two of the ethernet ports.

At first ethernet ports LEDs are active as normal and only on both plugs, showing network activity.
But after some time, at random, all ethernet ports LEDs on the TSW200 suddenly light up and stay that way unless the switch is power cycled.

There’s no visible side-effect to this. WiFi APs are still gettting power from the PoE ports and network communication between devices is maintained.

Do we have a faulty TSW200 unit? Is that a known behaviour of that model under PoE usage?
Please advise.

Thanks !


This is the same issue as here.

This behaviour can be observed on some of the TSW200 and TSW210 switches. The team is aware of it and are working on it. As mentioned in the linked topic, the issue is only visual and the device should work properly. In case this is unacceptable, I suggest following the same steps as outlined in the other post and initiate an RMA procedure.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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