TSW200/210 SFP Ports speed

Hello, just wondering if TSW200/210 SFP ports will work with 100Base-SX or 100Base-FX transceivers or is it only compliant with 1000Base-something?
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TSW200/210 supports 10/100/1000M SFP transceivers. It can be any standard 3rd party SFP adapter, but there might be some SFP adapters on the market that are designed to be compatible with specific devices. The recommendation is to avoid such adapters.

Also, keep in mind that both, TSW200 and TSW210 support SFP, but not SFP+.

If you decide to use fiber optic and you are connecting to ISP, then you will need to consult your ISP to find out what fiber optic connection is used. For example, Single Mode (SM) or Multi Mode (MM). Then you will need an appropriate SFP transceiver for that mode.

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