TSW101 Power connector

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I would like to know the specific name of the connector to power the TSW101 switch. I searched forum and manuals but there are no references. Thank you


The connector is simply referred to as 4-pin industrial power connector. It has an order code PR4MK04K if you would like to terminate it yourself. More information can be found here: 4-PIN PLUG WITH CONTACT TERMINALS

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Unfortunately the TSW 101 switch does not have a 4-pin connector, but a strange 2-pin connector in which both housings are round, and moreover there are two slots for hooking

From the online manual:
“The switch has a 2 pin power socket and can be powered by a 9-30 VDC power supply unit (PSU). Refer to the image below for the power socket’s pinout information”



Indeed, sorry for that, mixed up the devices.
This connector requires the cables to be plugged in directly if they are solid core, or ferules can also be used for other cables:

The slots above the connection are used to release the cable. Flat-head screwdriver can be used.

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