TSW101 PoE in DC

Hello everyone, I just bought a Teltonika TSW101 switch, and I should use it to link to my network and power 4 IPcams in PoE. My power source is 12vdc, I have more than 20 amps available. To distribute the PoE power to the IPcams is it enough for me to power the switch with 12vdc?


The TSW101 is the only TSW switch currently capable of providing PoE when powered via 9-30V. It consistently outputs 48V over the PoE ports when you apply input power within the range of 9-30V.

To achieve this, a DC/DC boost converter (also known as a step-up converter) is used. This converter increases the voltage (while decreasing the current) from its input to its output. You can find a more detailed explanation of how boost converters work here.

Important to note that the TSW101 supports IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards for PoE. It can deliver a maximum power of 30W per port (at PSE), and the total PoE power budget (at PSE) is 60W.

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