TRM240/TRM250 firmware upgrade


Is there a way to upgrade TRM240/250 firmware ?


Since the TRB240/250 does not contain any firmware developed by us, we cannot offer any update solutions.
If the CME error is still present with a different SIM, I’d recommend returning the device for warranty repair, where the device will either be updated or exchanged (assuming the issue can be replicated).

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Hello, thanks for your answer. In fact, I’ve some issue with roaming on some TRM240…

AT+CGMR give me EC21ECGAR06A04M1G on working device, and EC21ECGAR04A04M1G on not working device…

Is there some AT command to write to allow it ?

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AT Commands manual can be found here:
To retrieve the information on whether the roaming is enabled on that device, run the command


And to enable the roaming, run the command


If that does not work, could you clarify if the device registers on the operator but does not receive data connection, or can it not register on the operator at all?

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after investigation, seems that romaing was enable.

I was abloe to connect the modem by forcing COP AT+COPS=1,1,“…”

The problem is that when I try to get cops : AT+COPS=? I only have timeout, timeout is set to 3 minutes…

I’ve test this AT command : “AT+CPOL=?” result = CME ERROR: 3

Do you have an idea why I only have timeout ? For your information, the modem is located on the border between two countries… perhaps this could pose a problem?

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