TRM240 TA Commands cannot save settings

Hi. In TRM240 configuration i change message format to the text mode AT+CMGF=1. Then i save configuration using command AT&W. When i restart terminal TRM240, message format is back to the PDU mode 0. What i did wrong ?


Since the TRM240 is not running any of our software, the issue is either in the configuration or the modem firmware.
Could you try using the command AT&F, which will restore the internal modem to the factory defaults and check if the issue persists?
I will also ask you to run the command AT+GMR to identify the firmware version of your device.
Thank you.

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restoring the modem to factory settings does not solve the problem
TRM240 firmware version

Checked the modem manufacturer manual, and it seems like this command cannot be stored in the configuration. Here is the list of commands that can be stored with AT&W:

So this command must be ran every time the device boots up.

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