Trm240 modem mode?

Will TRM240 work in modem mode?
I need to find a USB cellular backup connection solution for Meraki MX devices which expect a USB 4G LTE device. Their list of supported devices is out of date, and the old huawei devices they had on the supported list are not sold in ‘stick’ mode any longer, but in ‘hilink’ mode. My imperfect understanding is that stick mode is basically USB-connected modem or bridge mode (?), whereas hilink mode is more like a router, and dishes out a LAN address to the device (undesired).
So I am in search of a reliable alternative that will work like the huawei e3372s used to work.
Wondering whether the TRM240 might do the job. Nicer kit than the huawei anyway!
Any thoughts or suggestions or corrections to my understanding gratefully and gracefully received!


Apologies, we seem to have missed your post.
Indeed, TRM240 and TRB250 devices do not contain any firewall or NAT compatibility, as they only provide a physical connection between the modem and the host machine.
When connected to Windows, the device creates 3 virtual COM ports:

  • One for AT commands;

  • One for GPS data (not supported);

  • One for data connection;

And one “USB modem” device.
The mobile connection establishment will need to be handled by the Cisco device using the AT commands. We cannot guarantee it’s compatibility with machines not running Windows/Linux/MacOS.

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