TRB500 - Unable to disable SIP ALG

We have a TRB500 and unable to disable SIP ALG.

We have disabled automatic helper which didn’t help.
Ran the command ‘opkg remove kmod-nf-nathelper-sip’ which advised there was no package installed.
Ran the command ‘opkg remove kmod-nf-nathelper-extra’ which did remove a package, but still didn’t help.

Has anyone else been able to disable SIP ALG?


Could you clarify how you’re testing the status of SIP ALG?
Disabling the Automatic helper assignment should be enough.
Additionally, which FW version are you using?

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We are running 7.04.5
We have a test app sip-alg-detector.exe which we use across all our sites to test the presence of SIP ALG.

We’ve tried the test locally, and everything works correctly:

Could you try rebooting the device after configuring this option and checking if anything changes?
Additionally, could you try running this test: GitHub - ibc/sip-alg-detector: Utility to detect routers with SIP ALG enabled
The sip-alg-detector.exe is known to sometimes provide false positives.

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Hi, in the end we managed to get this working.
We re-enabled the automatic helper assignment, rebooted the unit, then disabled it again and rebooted once again.
SIP ALG test showed TCP ALG was being blocked, but UDP was OK.
We left it for 30 mins, came back and retested and all was OK. Been OK for over 2 days now.

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