TRB500 still match slower download then my Smartphone

With TRB500 download is 150MBit at best and only for a few seconds and then drops back below 100
and use LTE B3,LTE B1,LTE B20 and 5G N28 the upload is better as the phone.

My phone 300MBit at best and average 220 stable on my phone in the same location with the same SIM
and use LTE B1, LTE B20, 5G B3

Both tests are measured identically on the MacM2 with the same tools and the same providers. The devices are connected directly with Ethernet. I tested 10 times and the TRB was always about 30-40% slower to download

I Use the newest Firmware

Cellphone Speedtest

TRB 500 Speedtest

Cellphone Cell Info

TRB 500 Cell Info


I’d like to point out that mobile phones and mobile routers fall into two distinct device categories. Smartphones are designed with compact and efficient antennas, prioritizing mobility. In contrast, routers may feature different antenna and mobile module configurations. Therefore, the same location for a mobile phone and a router can result in completely different circumstances. For instance, mobile phones might receive better reception inside buildings.

Another observation is the use of carrier aggregation. While your mobile phone shows a decent connection on all selected bands, the router, particularly on “LTE B1,” indicates no signal. This discrepancy could be the cause of the speed differences between these two devices.

Best regards, Marijus

I also noticed that LTE B1 RSRP does not receive a signal. I would have expected that the router would have a better connection because of the relatively huge antennas compared to the tiny ones on the smartphone.

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