TRB500 routing issues


I have a TRB500, which is connected to a Ethernet based device with IP address I’m using RMS to make the connection via OpenVPN. The connection to the TRB500 via OpenVPN is operating as expected. The routing to the device with IP address is made via RMS. I can also ping the device from the CLI in the TRB500, but I can’t ping the device from my PC, which have the OpenVPN connection established. From my PC I can ping the TRB500 and also connect to the web interface of the device. What am I missing?

I’ve tried with a Siemens S7-1200 PLC as device by following this guideline: How to control your Siemens PLC remotely over Ethernet with RUT240? - YouTube, but it’s impossible to get a connection established to the device. I’ve also enabled the Web interface on the device to see if I could connect via HTTPS, but nothing is possible.

What am I missing to get a successful connection established from my PC to the device?

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Please double-check if you added a route to the LAN network ( of the TRB500 in your VPN Hub routes. Also, make sure LAN forwarding is enabled.

Additionally, ensure that a default gateway is configured on the PLC and is pointing towards the LAN IP address of the TRB500.

If the above does not help, you can try enabling masquerading in Network → Firewall on the LAN => WAN/RMS zone.

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