TRB500 Lost Connection and didn´t reconnect


We currently have several TRB500s in use at construction sites in Germany. With the TRB500, the LTE connection (Deutsche Telekom) breaks down completely every few days. The LTE router does not reconnect and thus the site is offline until the TRB500 is de-energized, then everything runs normally again for a few hours/days. Unfortunately it is not possible to update the modem firmware, this is set to “Beta”. Firmware of the TRB500 is TRB5_R_00.07.04.5. Modem firmware is RG501QEUAAR12A05M4G_OCPU_BETA_20211020D_04.001.00.000.

In addition, a 5G connection is almost never established, although it is available at the sites (with other 5G routers as well as mobile phones it works without problems at the sites with 5G).

Is there any way to get the modem firmware and update it manually, maybe this would solve the problem? Otherwise we will have to reclaim and return all TRB500s as they are thus ALL not working flawlessly. The sites are in different locations and therefore each is logged into different radio cells.

A cheap ZTE router has worked so far at the sites without failures.

A complex analysis with log files, etc. we are not willing, as long as here is not the latest firmware anwendung, because we are not beta testers, but the TRB500 cost a lot of money and should simply fulfill your task.


Could the issue be related to the one reported here? TRB500 no connection on 5G since update
If so, this is only a visual bug. Otherwise, without logs and additional information it’s not possible to troubleshoot the issue. Updating the modem firmware for TRB500 is not possible at the moment.
One thing that could be tried, would be to set the device to LTE-only and check if the issue is still present. To change the service mode, navigate to Network → Mobile → General, and select LTE-only. Let me know if the issue does not reproduce so we can investigate the issue further.

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Hi, I got an new (not Beta) Firmware from the Teltonika Support. Now I got 5G and “a little” bit more Speed (~8-10Mbit/s). Firmware is in use since 15.09.2023 and no issues until now. We are currently still monitoring the behavior, but so far it looks very good.

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