TRB500 (http) connection problems with certain hosts / servers

Error when executing certain HTTP requests using my TRB500. Test case: curl -v HTTP Request works but does not return all data and hangs thereafter.

  • Device is in nat mode with the latest firmware with default configuration and no additional firewall rules
  • Simple network, TRB500 and one linux client device
  • Different SIM-cards and network operators make no difference
  • the linux client device can successfully request the file when not using the TRB500
  • MTU is advertised as 1500, lower values dont resolve the problem
  • Same problem using 4g and 5g
  • Problem happens only on two of thousands off hosts
  • The request works on many other devices without issue, the server is thus not the problem
  • Wireshark shows one retransmissions for the request
  • Connection seems otherwise fast and stable (400-900mbit)

Any ideas what the problem might be?


Apologies for a late response.
If I understand correctly, the file is being downloaded on the Linux host, not the TRB500 itself, correct?
If there a VPN tunnel in use, or is the file being downloaded directly over the internet?

Are all of these hosts using TRB500 for their internet connection, or are they using different WAN sources?
For troubleshooting purposes, could you try running the following commands:

/etc/init.d/ipa disable
/etc/init.d/ipa stop

And check if the issue is present? If that does not help, you can re-enable the IPA service with the following commands:

/etc/init.d/ipa enable
/etc/init.d/ipa start

Device might need to be restarted afterward.

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Thanks for helping!


The file is downloaded directly. No VPN in use

one linux host is using the TRB500, but it connects to thousands of other hosts daily using the TRB500 as gateway.

This resolves the problem! Thanks

What service is that? Do i need it?


This service is responsible for data offload to improve the speeds. We would like to investigate this issue further. Could you fill out the Contact Us form here? This will help us get in touch with you privately so we can investigate the issue further.
Thank you!

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Thank you. I sent a contact request.

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The same problem occurs on another TRB500 device after a firmware update to the latest version.

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