TRB500 frm Update no SIM Card

After the firmware update “TRB500_R_00.07.06.6_WEBUI.bin” I have a problem: the SIM card is no longer recognized. Downgrading to the previous firmware no longer produces any different results. What do i have to do?


First of all, let’s try to check if the card itself is working. Connect to WebUI and go to Status → Overview and look for MOB1S1A1 interface, check if it gets an IP address or not. If there is a possibility, try the same SIM card in a different device and see if it works.


If IP address is empty, try to put in a different SIM card in the device and see if it is a SIM card’s problem or device’s problem.

If another SIM card works fine, then then problem is clear. If it still does not work, we can try this:

Reset gateway to default settings, go to System → Maintenance → Backup and press on Restore to factory default. After this, check if the SIM card is getting recognized now.

Keep us updated if any of these solutions helped in solving the issue.

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