TRB500 connected band info


TRB500 bandinfo 2023-07-10


  1. is this not four carriers instead of three as it says in the GUI?
  2. Connected band in the GUI seems to list the first three. If only the Secondary Component Carriers are listed, then LTE B20 is missing in the GUI.
  3. Band 78 is missing in the list, I never see it even during download test where I reach close to 1 Gbps. So I assume it is in use even if it is not reported.

FW = TRB5_R_00.07.04.3



This is only a visual bug in the WebUI.
The information you see from the output in the CLI is actually the correct configuration.

This will be fixed with the release of 00.07.05

Hope this helps!

Yes, I think you refer to the number of bands visible in the GUI.

But what about 5G, band n78, why do I not see it in the CLI?



Indeed, it’s weird that the 5G band does not show up. Could you try running the command gsmctl -A 'AT+QENG="servingcell"' and check if it shows the 5G cell information?

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@gs50 I see. However, how can you be sure that you are indeed connecting to 5G? Are you basing this on the fact that speeds are very good, therefore you should also be on 5G?

Does the WebUI show the connection type as 5G NSA?

Aggregating 4 bands should theoretically yield very good speeds, even on LTE in the absence of 5G NSA.

It looks like this…

Well the GUI show “5G (NSA); VoLTE” and both 4G and 5G LED’s are on.

Also, I have line-of-sight to the tower and I see the NR35 antenna. But you are right, my assumption is that if download speed is above 700 Mbps then I assume it is 5G.

Some times the same speed test end up around 200 Mbps and that is why I want to see if 5G band is in use or not…

@gs50 Got it. You are correct that it does seem like you are connecting to 5G NSA.

Not sure why it’s not appearing in the CAINFO command. Maybe one for @Daumantas and team to look into.

I tried with another SIM-card which only have 4G, not 5G.

With that one I got 4x SCC

I guess it means I also have 4x SCC when I use the SIM-card with 5G and that the 5G-cell is not printed for some reason.

I believe 5CA is the maximum the internal modem within RUTX50 can handle, and it should be in LTE-only mode. Could you check what the servingcell command returns with 5CA on LTE?

Not sure what you wanted me to check?

This is from a TRB500, not RUTX50.

The minor issue I have here is not in this last picture with 4x SCC, it is the previous one where only 3x SCC was reported. The 4th one should have been 5G in band n78 and it was not printed.