TRB500 and port forwarding when in bridged mode

Good day.

I am trying to control an industrial robot over 5G using 2x TRB500 gateways.
What is working: I can connect via public IP dirrectly to robot GUI and I can controll it.
PC (browser) + TRB500 — 5G — TRB500 (bridged mode) + ROBOT

Where I have a problem: I can not acess robot Modbus TCP server on port 502. It is blocked (at least nmap teest suggests it is firewalled). Can you sugest how to open port 502 to be forwared to my robot when TRB500 is in bridged mode?

Thank you!


Apologies for a late reply.

If you have TRB500 configured in bridge mode, there should be no need to open ports. You should be able to reach the robot on port 502. Thus, I suggest checking the configurations on the Robot. Specifically, make sure that the robot allows remote access on port 502 (firewall) to access the Modbus TCP Server.

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