TRB255 upgraded to and went offline

I have a bunch of TRB255’s and today I upgraded one of them to v00.07.06.3 and everything seemed to work fine but the device stays offline afterwards. I can see in the RMS connection attempt log that it have tried to connect but not succeeded.
What happened and how can i fix it remotely?


Some additional information would be useful in diagnosing the issue:

  • Which firmware version was the device updated from?

  • Is the affected device physically reachable to you? If yes, could you check what status is displayed in Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS page?

  • Is there any way to verify if the device has a stable internet connection?

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sorry, I’m not so used to sending questions here. :wink:
Firmware was previously
The device is not in reach of me right now, but I hope I can get one of my customers to attach a computer to it so I can check the software setup over TeamViewer.
I have tried sending “reboot” as a SMS but no change.
The internet connection is not top quality right there but it normally works.

Is it possible that the firmware upgrade was interrupted and did not complete as it should?
Can the APN setting been removed or lost in the upgrade process?

Officially, firmware upgrades from two releases back are supported, meaning you could safely upgrade from 07.06.1 → 07.06.3. However, we understand that this is not always an option, thus we try to optimize the upgrade process from as many different versions as possible, but due to a large number of releases, some configuration changes might slip through our filters.
With that being said, was Auto APN used on this device? Or was a manual APN configured?
Since the device is trying to connect to RMS, it’s unlikely that it has lost internet connection completely. Instead, the issue might be related either to mobile connection stability or connection to RMS.
Once someone is able to connect to the devices, check the following:

  • What status is displayed in Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS page

    • If it contains message SSL failure or Other failure:

      • Try lowering the MTU in the Network → WAN → mob1s1a1 → Advanced settings → Override MTU

      • Try synchronizing the system time in System → Administration → Time & Data

  • In the Network → WAN if the mobile interface has received an IP address

    • If not, try setting the APN manually
  • Check the mobile connection status in Status → Network → Mobile page

  • If there isn’t any complex configuration on the device - try a factory reset to check if that helps

Make sure to take screenshots of as many of these pages as possible in case the suggested steps don’t help.

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Hej again,

after a hard reboot it popped up in the network again so everything seems to work fine now. Something must have gone wrong in the upgrade process but a reboot solved the problem.
Thanks for your help!


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