TRB255 - modbus TCP to Data to Server keeps crashing

I am referencing this Prior solution for setting up reporting of the TRB255 ADC voltage via modbus and MQTT here:

This worked well for about three weeks before it now suddenly stopped working over and over again. It often now shows the voltage as 0V even though the voltage is 12.5V or over.

A reboot usually fixes the issue for briefly, before measurements drop to zero again.

Is there some overrun of the modbus database or what could be causing this?
I’ve noticed accessing the modbus tcp client page remotely often takes so long that it times out, whereas all other pages open almost instantly.

Each of the drops to zero is not due to the voltage dropping, but the data stream dropping. A reboot then restarts correct adv reporting, before the next drop occurs, sometimes after just minutes.

This seems to have fixed itself after the latest firmware update (just looking at the last couple of days at least there have been no crashes so far)

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