TRB255: Configuration and transparent mode through serial

Hey community people,

I want to integrate a TRB255 modem into a system controlled by an embedded processor. The processor is able to communicate through RS232 and RS485, but I‘d like to use RS232.
I was able to set the modem up using the WebUI, so data arriving through RS232 is sent to the server and data received from the server is sent to the serial port.
I need to configure the modem through this serial connection, too (setting the server, gateway, encryption, …, i.e. by using AT commands or other means).
How can I switch from the configured transparent mode to a config mode and back using only the serial connection?
Furthermore, I would like to be able to configure and monitor the modem through ssh.
I managed to connect to the installed Linux using ssh but I don’t know how to configure the modem using the modems Linux (are there some files that are used for configuration and receiving parameters and is there a possibility to monitor or even manipulate data that is going to the modem from the server and from the embedded processor)?

I appreciate any help!


Edit (2024-04-02):
I am a step further now. The only question left is if I can switch between Console/Config mode and TCP-Client/Transparent mode using only the RS232 or RS485 serial connection.

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