TRB145 freezes after 2 days of operation


I have two TRB145 working on a very similar setup, the first TRB145 with the following configuration:

  • Modbus Serial Client collecting data every 2 seconds

  • Data to server sending data every 2 seconds

The second TRB145 with the following configuration:

  • Modbus Serial Client collecting data every 5 seconds

  • Data to server sending data every 5 seconds

Both TRB145-s stop working after approximatelly 2 days, the only way to get them working again is by taking away the power supply (sending them a reboot request by SMS doesn’t do anything).

The problem is very annoying, our Clients are upset. Do you have any suggestions on what to do? The TRB145-s are approximatelly 200 kms away from each other, but the problem is the same!




Thanks for reaching us.

Please try doing a firmware upgrade to the latest one “7.06”, you can find the firmware file on link below

Note: Before doing the firmware upgrade we would like you, to take a copy of the device’s backup and troubleshoot file in order to secure a copy of your current configuration.

  • You can upgrade the firmware on the router following below:
    WebUI > System > Firmware > Update firmware > Turn off keep settings option > Upload the firmware

Note: Doing the firmware upgrade without “Keep settings” option ON will wipe out all existing configurations, and device might lose remote connectivity. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the firmware upgrade when the device is physically accessible to you or if you can ensure remote access through RMS or SMS Utilities as backup access.

RMA: If standard recovery methods are ineffective, the device may need to be sent for warranty repair. for that one you have to contact for one of the sales manager in Teltonika.


Thanks, I will try. However the solution to this “freeze” state is not on the list of fixes in the current firmware, therefore I need to ask; were you aware of this bug and have you fixed it?


Actually, it could be a firmware issue, thus I would recommend updating to the most recent firmware so we can pinpoint the specific issue.


Same issue here, also with the TRB255. Looks like flash is slowly filling up and then it crashes.

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