TRB145 Data to Server uses immense data traffic


I am using the Data to server service on the TRB145 to send data from the connected Modbus devices to a MQTT service. But it is using immense data traffic (> 600Mb/day) on handshaking and exchanging certificate keys with the server every 5-10 seconds.

I have set the Modbus interval to 900 seconds and the Data to server collection period to 450 seconds, and it does change the traffic load. The modbus data is received at the specificed intevals, but it seems as the Data to server is in a infinite loop.

This problem is on firmware version TRB1_R_00.07.07.1, it was not an issue with the previous version on the device (TRB1_R_00.07.04.5).


config settings 'settings'
	option loglevel '1'

config collection '1'
	option sender_id '1'
	option period '450'
	option name 'datacollection'
	option output '2'
	option retry '0'
	option enabled '1'
	list input '3'
	option format 'custom'
	option na_str 'N/A'
	option format_str '[%modbus%]'

config input '3'
	option name 'modbus'
	option modbus_filter 'all'
	option plugin 'modbus'
	option modbus_segments '1'
	option modbus_object '0'
	option delimiter ','
	option format 'custom'
	option na_str 'N/A'
	option format_str '{"datetime":"%date%","%name%":%data%}'

config output '2'
	option name 'datacollection_output'
	option mqtt_port '8883'
	option plugin 'mqtt'
	option mqtt_topic 'devices/DDDDDDD/messages/events/$.ct=application%2Fjson%3Bcharset%3Dutf-8'
	option mqtt_client_id 'DDDDDDD'
	option mqtt_use_credentials '1'
	option mqtt_qos '0'
	option mqtt_device_files '0'
	option mqtt_tls '1'
	option mqtt_insecure '0'
	option mqtt_tls_type 'cert'
	option mqtt_cafile '/etc/vuci-uploads/cbid.data_sender.2.mqtt_cafileBridgeCA.crt.pem'
	option mqtt_username ''
	option mqtt_host ''
	option mqtt_password 'SharedAccessSignature'```


The Data_To_Server service was reworked on firmware version 00.07.05.

This service is designed for continuous data transmission. If you need to send data occasionally, you should use a different service or increase the interval between transmissions(as you already did). If the data size is too large, consider using a custom-formatted string.

Could you please provide a screenshot or data where abnormal handshaking or CERT keys exchange is happening?

Kind regards,

Hello Marijus,

We have used the Data to Server service with great success on the older firmware versions (prior to 00.07.05) but by sending through the MQTT Bridge service, but we can not make that setup working on the reworked Data to Server, so we experimented with a direct connection to our MQTT server with the immense data traffic as a side result.

If you have any other suggestions for a better setup to continuous sending our measurings I will be glad to hear it - because it is giving us some headaches right now.

We have changed it to using the built-in MQTT Bridge instead of directly to our MQTT Server, which is working as expected. It looks like there is another issue with the Data to Server as it seems to ignore our port setting, but it works when we use the default port 1883.

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