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I am using modbus and I would like to senda data into the cloud either via REST or MQTT. I see where I can set up a message, but I would like to include serial number and IMEI in message.

Can someone tell if there is a way to do this within the teltonika UI?

If not is there an easy way to “script” this to call OS and somehow get this info back into the UI?

And lastly, if those two options won’t work… what are then my options? Custom app on linux? Then I lose all the functionality of UI in regards of bridging modbus to data to server flow? And if do a custom app on linux, does this interfiere with device OTA?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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This should be possible with the new v7.05.4 firmware. Please, update the device to the last with ‘keep settings’ option disabled. You will have to reconfigure the device.

Configure Modbus and ensure that you can read the data from your Modbus slave device using the Test button. Once that is done, you can configure the Data to Server service to send this data to your API via HTTP. In data to server, you will need to add three data types - MNF source with serial number, GSM source with IMEI number, and third input with Modbus data. All of these sources will be included and sent to the server defined in your collection. So the collection could look like this:

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