TRB145 custom program, where to put it?


I have written a small program in GO that I want to run on a TRB145. The program runs fine, it does what it is meant for. It contains a lock (a flag file on the /tmp/ directory) so using crontab I was able to make it run constantly, in only one instance, even if it crashes.

I know that the directory and the files that should be kept during an upgrade must be listed in the /etc/sysupgrade.conf file. My question is where should I put the GO program? Should I create the /opt/ directory for it as it is usual in linux systems?



It’s common to create an “/opt/” directory for storing third-party software and applications on Linux systems. Since RUTOS is built on OpenWRT (Linux), it’s a good practice to follow. However, using your preferred location is also fine. Just make sure to add the path to the sysupgrade.conf file.

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Thanks, I will the crete an /opt directory.

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