TRB145 and Modbus RTU Sensors

Hi, I am new to Teltonika network product. I am interested to use Teltonika TRB145 and connect to my modbus sensors. I would like to know if I can schedule to send the modbus request message to my sensors and get the response from the sensors from TRB145 device?

As I have experience using the Teltonika telematics devices, the sending of the modbus message to the sensors is only possible from the cloud/server but not from the device meaning i can’t schedule or automatically sending the message and receive the response from the device e.g FMB125.

Can any one enlighten me if this model can achieve what I want to do?

Thanks in advanced!

Hello, can anyone enlighten me on this questions? Really appreciate your input


Sorry for the late response. On the TRB145, there is a function to send Modbus requests and receive responses. All the information regarding Modbus can be found here.

Additionally, our wiki page contains most of the answers to your questions. For example, here is the page for the TRB145 device: TRB145. You can navigate to different sections to find the information you need.

Hope this helps!

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