TRB143 collecting by MBUS and sending data to server


I have looked at the documents that have been linked to on this forum and elsewhere, but its not very clear.

We normally use Elvaco data loggers and I am looking to trial the TRB143 as an alternative.

I’m pretty sure I have connected to the MBUS device (just a single heat meter for now), but how can I easily test this to be sure?

Then what is the easiest way to get the data from the remote site it will be on, through to my server? Usually we use csv files and FTP, but I see that is not an option. I just need a nice simple format file that shows, Date and time of readings, serial number of the Heat meter, Flow & return temps, Flow rate and lastly the kWh reading.

My MS dynamics system will then process these files from the FTP server.


This can be broken down into two parts - reading M-bus data, and sending it to the server. On the M-bus configuration page there is a test button that you can use to verify that TRB143 can read M-bus data from the M-bus device. In M-bus configuration, there is a ‘period’ option that specifies how often the TRB143 should collect the data. This data is stored in the M-bus database. Once you confirm that TRB143 can indeed read that data from the device, you can configure the Data to Server feature. In the Data to Server configurations you can configure the server to which you will send the data - either over HTTP or MQTT. Then, you can create a data input with M-bus data source. When M-Bus data source is specified, the device will take M-bus data from M-bus database and send it to the server.

We also have a configuration example here. The Node-RED in the example plays a role of a server, so it is not necessary to have Node-RED in your use case - this will be your server.

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