TRB143/245 Failover

Are there in anyway possible to get the Failover feature present in RUT to the TRB series?
I.e. I’m running several TRB143 and TRB245 with eth0 as WAN. But we would like to have a backup sim inserted to failover to in case of wired ethernet going down. As of now only “gateway metrics” can be set. Only a restart of the device ensures that it switches over in case of wan failure


The Failover feature is not available in TRB devices because they were not designed to support multiple WAN sources, except for the TRB2 series, which has SIM switching. However, you mentioned that restarting ensures it switches over in case of WAN failure. In that case, you can use the Ping/Wget reboot option. This will automatically reboot your device when it no longer pings or wget the specified host/URL.

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