TRB142 Recovery after failed firmware update

I had a TRB142 with V2.06 firmware and attemped to install 7.05 via the web UI.

It never came back. It just sat there cycling the 2G, 3G, 4G Led’s for more than 15 minutes.

Looking online it appears I can use fastboot to recover it, however I need the .bin files or the .ubi files. I have rootfs.ubi, but it seems I need a TRB142 specific file as well?

Is there somewhere I can download the files required to get the modem back up and running? I’ve already installed ADB and fastboot does find the device.


Update - we tried another modem The modem shipped with 2.06.1 firmware and this time we tried an intermediate step to 7.02.4. That worked ok. Then we tried to upgrade to 7.05 and that one is now dead also.

I now have 2 bricked TRB142’s and no understanding of why the 7.05 upgrade bricks them.

Not game to try it on another so we will stop at 7.02.4 and I need to recover these bricked units asap.


I recently upgraded several TRB142 devices from version 2.06 to 7.05 directly, and the process went smoothly. It’s possible that you used the “keep setting” options during the upgrade. This could be the cause of the issue, as there may be mismatches in setting naming and other details across different versions. The use of “keep setting” might be what caused the device to malfunction.

Could you please check the batch number for the device that experienced the issue?

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We de-selected the Keep Settings option.

The modems are both Batch 023.

If you are able to share recovery files/methods that would be great.

Wondering if you have had a chance to look at this any further? If I can somehow re-flash the modem that would be great.

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