TRB142 proper modem disconnection/shutdown

is there a way to execute a proper modem disconnection/shutdown for a TRB140/142?

Our primary concern is ensuring that our devices correctly disconnect from the mobile network to avoid potential issues with network operators.
I searched for a possibility to disconnect the devices’ mobile network connection, either automatically after a predetermined period of inactivity or through a signal from a digital input.

My results from the Wiki knowledge base and questions:

  • The gsmctl commands are not included in the firmware but but with these commands the task would be possible to execute? Is there a way to include them?
    Gsmctl commands - Teltonika Networks Wiki
  • In the Input/Output Service → reboot: seamed the reboot included no proper deregister
  • In the Input/Output Service → Custom Script the modem
  • I found the AT commands, but as far as I understand it they were not the solution.
    AT Commands - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Thanks for every useful hint or correction

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