TRB142 - Modem Not Registered

I have a customers TRB142 that is connected to a tractor for NTRIP.
He is changing to a different SIM supplier and moving to a BT One Phone (EE Network) provider.

With the original SIM, the modem would connect to the network, and shows the operator and all other information.
With the BT SIM, the modem can see the SIM is inserted, but it will not get a signal.
If I insert my O2 SIM, it automatically sets-up and it has a 4G connection with 4/5 signal strength.
If I install my EE SIM, I get the same results as the BTOnePhone SIM.

Ussed the wizzard feature to set up a custom APN for my EE SIM, but it still will not work
Name : EE internet
APN : everywhere
Proxy : Not Required
Port : Not Required
Username : eesecure
Password : secure

If I remove the BTOnePhone and EE SIM’s and install them into my dual SIM phone, both will show a signal, so the SIM’s are registered from the provider.

Does a new Network Operator need to be added manually, or is this set automatically?

I have not found any answer to this issue with looking through the Teltonika WiKi or Googling the issue.
If anyone can support me with a better understanding of setting up a new SIM in this TRB142, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance, Jon

Hi, are you sure that correct APN and it’s details are inserted into fields? Did you tried to use custom APN from the list?

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