TRB141 - rms connection is dropped after adding a custom script

Hi Team,

We encounter a problem, whenever custom script is uploaded to the RMS via web GUI (under maintenance/custom script) and device is rebooted it is loosing the rms command (ubus list | grep rms). Only when we manually restart the rms_mqtt (it is in /etc/init.d) it is coming back online.

  • the config is in /etc/config/rms_mqtt
  • we find that ubus loses its rms command (really unsure why this happens, its weird) so you can’t call ubus call rms get_status
  • ubus list | grep rms doesn’t return any entries
  • we found that simply restarting the rms_mqtt service fixed the issue
  • /etc/init.d/rms_mqtt restart
  • ubus call rms get_status works again

Do you know anything about it, or is it normal when the custom script is added to a device?

Thanks in advance.

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