TRB141 - GPIO directory change with firmware update?

I used to access the gpio values as described in the wiki TRB141 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki, but now with the firmware update it seems that the gpio numbers have changed? Also the ADC value has a different directory too?
Is there a wiki update somewhere or do I need to roll back to the previous firmware?


GPIO numbers can be found by running the command ls /sys/class/gpio/. However, we generally recommend using ubus to read the status of the I/O pins. This will increase compatibility between different Teltonika devices, as well as prevent such issues after the firmware updates.
To list all of the ubus actions, run this command - ubus -v list ioman.gpio.xxxx, where xxxx represents the pin name from the list, that can be found here: TRB141 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki
For example, to set the status of the digital input on the RUTX11, the command will look like so:

root@RUTX11:~# ubus call ioman.gpio.din1 status
        "value": "0",
        "direction": "in",
        "hr_state": "Low level",
        "bi_dir": false,
        "invert_input": false

-S argument can be used to return the answer inline. Value can then be parsed by cutting all of the characters except the returned value.
Hope this helps!

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I also need the upto date mapping of /sys/class/gpio, particularly isolated input iio, as it was mapped to gpio1021, but this doesn’t exist. Would be great if ubus call method had the interrrupt counter.
Cheers, Dennis

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