TRB140 Unstable connection


one of our TRB140 devices constantly loses connection since this morning. During these disconnects, I cannot reach the WebUI or the CLI (Timeout) over the RMS, the gateway is sometimes listed as offline for a short time in RMS, and the device cannot connect to servers on the internet.After a few minutes the gateway reconnects. However, the LED indicators on the gateway are constantly on.

Temperature is between 48 and 50 C.

Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this issue?

The same problem occurs on a second gateway that has not been used in a while with another power supply, other LTE antenna and other SIM card.

These messages repeat in the Events Log:

  1. Mobile data disconnected (internal modem)
  2. Mobile data connected (internal modem)
  3. Joined LTE network (internal modem)
  4. Connected to operator (internal modem)

3-4 seconds between diconnected and connected message. Messages 3 and 4 immediately afterwards. This happens every 20-180 seconds.


Thanks for contacting us. According to your description, it seems like your device has a low signal, which could cause the issue of disconnecting.

By the way is there any possibility that your device is getting blocked by any obstacles that could suppress the signal? I am leaving a link for recommended mobile strength recommendations here.

Also, I see that your device is using older firmware, could you please consider updating it to the latest TRB1_R_00.07.07.2 and check if the problem remains?

Additionally, this type of behavior could indicate an issue with the DNS servers advertised by ISP since sometimes it can become unreachable and the device try to ping DNS to verify the connectivity. Try changing Auto APN to a custom APN that is supported by your provider. It can be found in devices WebUI, Network → Interfaces → General, I am also leaving a link for it.

For further troubleshooting, we need additional sensitive information which cannot be shared on this public forum. Therefore, a form has been sent to your registered email address. Please fill it out, and upon completion, we will contact you via email to provide further instructions and information.

Best regards,


Hi, thanks for your answer. I’ve filled out the form. I’ll provide some additional information from today:

One of the devices is in a building and definitely has low signal (-87 to -92 dBm). The other device, however, has strong signal (-60 dBm) and had the same problem yesterday.

I can update the firmware later when I’ve observed the problem further.

I’ll try changing the APN.

Gateway in building (on-site):

The first bit on the left was at home, then at 11:30 I set it up on site, and as you can see, I’ve had three outages. At the last of these occurrences, The connection type dropped to 2G before jumping back up to 4G about 15 min later. Otherwise, the connection was stable.

Gateway at home

The bit on the left is from yesterday. You can see that the connection is unstable. The bit on the right is from today and you can see that the connection is stable, without the outages observed on the on-site gateway. (The gap is from me unplugging the device)

Here’s another screenshot with infos about the signal strength from the on-site gateway.

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