TRB140 Traffic priority

Hello, My TRB140 uses Mail 2 SMS. I was wondering which way the data-traffic goes. Is there a way to prioritize data-flow, first over LAN, only then over Mobile?

Well, in Network - WAN, you can move your desired main WAN interface to the top.
In my screenshot below, the cabled WAN port would be prio 1 if it was connected.
As it is not connected, traffic goes through mobile, which is ‘up’.

Hello Folensp,

To clarify, you have meant LAN, you have meant WAN port for internet?
To answer your question, you will need to configure your LAN port as WAN on your TRB140, in order to send it firstly via the port. You can check out this article which guides you through the steps on how to do so: LAN as WAN on TRB series
After doing so, everything should be by default for data-traffic, it would follow such order:

  1. WAN
  2. Mobile 1

If you will want to change the order, you will need to switch the metrics of interfaces, to do so, you would just need to switch interface places

Let me know if you will have any further questions,

This did not work for me.
Once I did SWITCH INTERFACE the TRB140 did not respond to my queries anymore.
I saw him take an IP from DHCP so I knew the new IP.
But from a machine in the same subnet, the TRB did not respond to http(timeout) or ping.
I had to reset and start over.
For now I’ll leave it like this.
I did set DNS to my internal DNS server instead of the usual that might be enough.
Thanks anyway.

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