TRB140 - RUT7.5 release date

Hey Guys
Jumping on the when will RUT7.5 be released bandwagon.
Any idea that’s a bit more specific than “in the upcoming months?”
I’ve got an issue with SMSs being split that is supposed to be fixed in the new firmware version and if I can’t resolve it I’ll have to find another way of handling those messages that doesn’t use a Teltonika box.

Could you let us know when we can see the update please?


7.5 was just released, and will soon be uploaded to our Wiki. Any feedback is appreciated!

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That’s great news! I’ll keep an eye out for it.
Very keen to try it out.

That being said, is there a procedure for downgrading firmware on a TRB140?


Downgrades can be performed just like upgrades, by downloading the necessary firmware from our wiki: TRB140 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki and uploading it on the System → Firmware → Update Firmware page. Please keep in mind, that the configuration of the device will be erased when performing a downgrade due to compatibility issues.
It should also be noted, that you will most likely not able to downgrade to the oldest available firmware, as there have been hardware changes that are not supported on the older firmware. This depends on the individual device you have.

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Great! I’ll make sure I back up the config before we do the upgrade!
Appreciate your advice!

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