TRB140 LAN Routing


I’m trying to get a VPN setup to connect to a HMI via the VPN. I have setup the vpn connection as per this video;

I can connect to the VPN using OpenVPN Connect, and I then cannot ping either the HMI or PLC i’ve setup LAN routes to. The configurations are as follows;
LAN address of the TRB is x.x.x.1
VPN IP is x.x.x.0
IP address of the HMI is x.x.x.11
IP address of the PLC is x.x.x.10
IP address of VPN Client (device) is x.x.x.50
IP address of VPN Client (my pc) is x.x.x.57
Subnet masks are all

I have tried disabling the firewall as per this wiki page;
With no affect.

I have also enabled masquerading on all firewall zone rules - and also changed all to accept.

Any ideas?

Also, to confirm; I can connect and view the HMI when plugged directly into it.


Please share the private IP addresses used here (private IP addresses start with 10, 172, or 192). Also, please share a screenshot of your RMS VPN Hub → Routes window. Make sure to blur/hide your RMS account information, such as your email address, before sharing this information publicly.

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I will get a screenshot now.


Apologies for a late reply.

There’s an issue with network overlap. Ensure that the LAN IP address of TRB140 and the devices within its LAN belong to one network, while the VPN devices reside on a separate network. For instance, set the LAN to and the RMS VPN to (ensure the configuration tab network is distinct from LAN). The routes are correctly configured and point towards LAN devices, so there’s no need to modify the routes in RMS.

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