TRB140 I/O management

Hi Team ,

I’m using a TRB140 device to control a magnetic lock. I’m using the I/O output to open/close the door.

However I’m facing few challenges. I know an easy way using HTTPS to manage the output remotely:**io_state**?username=user1&password=user1&pin=<dio0/dio1>&state=on**&delay=5****&time=3**

But since my device doesn’t have a fixed IP I can’ really use this solution.

Therefore I’m using RMS and the API. I’ve created a custom script on the device that turns the ouput high and then low and I’m calling it via API:

This works well. however I have the feeling that enabling RMS and its monitoring is consuming lot of data … I’ve tried disabling monitoring but then the API stops working.

I’m asking for help and an alternative to my current solution in order to consume less data and do this simple usecase.

Thx in advnace


You could try configuring SMS utilities for TRB140. It is enabled by default but you can explore it in Services → Mobile Utilities → SMS Utilities → Change I/O state. Once a SIM Card is inserted in TRB140, you can send an SMS with the syntax ‘device password’ ioset.

Example: admin01 ioset

Supporting Link: TRB140 Mobile Utilities - Teltonika Networks Wiki


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