TRB140 expired license

I bought a second hand TRB140, and when I try to add it to RMS, I get an error.
On the RMS page of the device itself, I can connect to the cloud, but there is a message saying “Expired license”.
I guess the previous owner used up the 1 month free license.
I have 4 credits on RMS, where I’m monitoring another device already.
As I can’t add the TRB140 to RMS, I can’t add credits to this device.
On the TRB140 RMS page, there is no option to “Unregister”, only to “Connect”.
The TRB140 is running the latest firmware.
I’ve already used the “Contact us” form, where I explained the situation, and was redirect to this forum.
Any help or suggestion on what to do to solve this?
Thank you.


Kindly make sure that the Service and Monitoring is enabled as per screenshot below:

You have reach there by going to Administration > Companies > View Companies Details > Devices > Turn On

If the issue still persists, kindly provide me the screenshot of your status on RMS

Because it is possible that an incorrect password or serial number was entered.


Hi, Louay.
I probably wasn’t clear on my initial post.
The problem is I can’t add the TRB140 to RMS.
When I try to add it, I get this message:

I’m already monitoring another device, a RUT241:

The problem is with the TRB140. On the RMS page it says “Expired License”.
I’ll try to post the image of the error later today.
Thank you.

Here goes the screen from the TRB140 RMS service:

The problem was that the previous owner didn’t remove the device from his RMS account.
He did now, and I was able to add the device to my RMS account.
Thank you for your attention.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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