TRB140 Data to Server sending the same data 24(!) times


I have a TRB140 that collects data from an Omron PLC every 60 seconds. There are 7 “request configurations”, one of them with 21 registers to collect, one with 31 registers and some others (5 of them) that collect only some registers.

The modbus_db database is fine, it has only one entry for every “request configuration” response. But the Data to Server sends multiple (and equal) messages, for example 24 of the same messages with the same timestamp.

Data to Server operates via MQTT and sends data also every 60 seocnds.

Does anyone have any clue on what is going on here?




May I know which firmware version are you currently using? As of now, we have release 7.05.4 firmware. To upgrade device’s firmware, kindly refer to this link.

Also, can you share screenshots of the periods configured in Modbus Client and Data to Server similar to below:


Let me know the results.


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