TRB140 consumes much more data than it should

We’re using the TRB140 with FW VERSION: TRB1_R_00.07.04.4.


  1. Raspberry Pi attached (ethernet) consuming combined rec/send 5-10MB/month.
  2. RMS is set to active (standby will somehow overridden every time)
  3. TRB states that combined 367MB/month are used
  4. RMS Monitoring update period states it consumes only combined ~500kb/month
  5. RMS VPN is activated
  6. Whats wired to us is that its talking to several (for us unknown locations) see connections:

Several IPV4 UDP chat20 prod yoics org:38970 instances
Several more AWS instances via IPV4 TCP e.g.:,, compute.amazonaws com…


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