TRB140 as sms gateway

We have a problem with sending SMS messages.
For years we used RUT230 as SMS gateway without any problems.
After replaced it to TRB140 we have to reboot it few times in week(FW
Because of that we have upgraded firmware to latest version ( hoping that the latest firmware should be more refined. Unfortunately modem hags after sending 5-10 messages and we need to reboot it few times in day…
We use this modem only as sms gateway so we disable network traffic and set transfer limit to 1MB per month.

What could be source of problem?

Where could I found the latest firmware for modem? name suggests that it could be BETA version of FW

  1. Open CLI
  2. Execute opkg update
  3. Execute opkg install modem_updater
  4. Execute opkg install sshfs
  5. modem_updater -g
  6. modem_updater -v <modem_fw_version>

This trick worked for me on RUTX11

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