TRB140 always loses the connection

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately I have a problem with my device. It hangs up after a short time and can only be restarted with a hardware reset. So power off and on again.
Is the device defective ? I also have various LOGs and could provide them. Unfortunately, I can’t get any smarter than that.
Please help.

Unfortunately, the device is at a height of 80m and you always have to drive there to disconnect it from the power supply.
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Could you please clarify how often does this happen? Is there any specific pattern to it?

When it occurs, are you able to access the web interface of the device?

If you can, then, when the issue occurs, could you please connect to it and navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot and view the system logs? Before sharing these logs here, please ensure you remove any sensitive data.

The logs are stored in the RAM memory and are lost after each reboot. Thus, if the device is unreachable when this happens, you can try changing the settings on the troubleshoot page to save logs to flash memory. Then, the logs should retain after a reboot. I would suggest changing it back to RAM memory after you have viewed the logs, because writing to flash memory reduces its lifetime.

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