TRB140 after 7.06.2 update

Following firmware upgrade to TRB1_R_00.07.06.2 (upgraded from 07.06), my TRB140, which is used in passthrough mode, does not let traffic through between WAN and LAN.
When I reboot the gateway, shortly after reboot I may sporadically be able to access devices in LAN via Tailscale (the TRB140 is remote from me, I.e. I am on WAN side myself), but within minutes the connections to LAN will fail. However, even during that brief time devices in LAN are unable to make all connections to the outside world themselves - e.g. sporadically failing to complete NTP requests.

I have access to the TRB140 web interface, via Tailscale, as the 7.06 firmware allowed me to use package manager to install Tailscale on the gateway.
The connection using TRB140 in passthrough mode was working fine for months with various previous firmware versions, and the only changes I made was to install firmware 07.06.2 (and about two weeks earlier installing Tailscale when firmware version was 07.06)

Any ideas what might cause this and how to fix?

I would try to revert to previous firmware but as 07.05.4 does not have Tailscale integration I’m concerned that if the firmware downgrade does not fix the issue, I will lose all connectivity to it (as I am physically very far from it).

Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions.

Managed to resolve it. Turned out to be Tailscale subnet routing going wrong, which simply happened to coincide with the firmware upgrade, so all good in the end and not an issue with firmware.

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