TRB140 - a second LAN interface

I have a TRB140 which I am configuring
I can connect to the device via USB or LAN - both give me an address in the 192.168.2.x range
However I want the LAN socket to be on another range, for example 192.168.1.x

I’ve tried to add a second LAN interface with IP and a related DHCP range

But when I connect to the LAN socket I still get assigned a 192.168.2.x address.
Any advice would be appreciated

Hello, Roger,

It might be, that when You created another LAN subnet, You might not have assigned it to any physical interface

In order to fix this issue, You can go to Network → LAN → Desired subnet → Edit and press on “Physical settings” segment and edit “Interface” tab

Be sure to first remove second interface from the first LAN subnet’s physical interfaces list

eth0 - ethernet port

rndis0 - USB port

Then create another LAN subnet:

And add the desirable interface on another LAN subnet:

Here is an example of how to set subnet on your Ethernet interface and on your USB interface:

By default, both of these interfaces will be in the same LAN Firewall zone, and communication between and will be possible. This can be adjusted in Network → Firewall → General Settings → Zones

Best regards,

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