TRB flash memory clarification


I am working with the TRB143 and use it to make M-Bus data reads available to an external Modbus TCP device (a M-Bus to Modbus gateway of sorts) via a simple Python script which is triggered once a minute. With the exception of the script, all data (Modbus db, M-Bus db & Modbus registers) is manipulated on the RAM so as not to shorten the flash memory life span. The number of devices being read directly relates to the time span that the db can hold and given the frequency of reads isn’t long enough for my intended purpose. I understand the reason for the imposed db file size limitations and can work around this in various ways.

I intend to use the flash memory to build a daily log which will be held for x number of days then deleted creating a circular daily log. This is to manage the usage of the flash memory to ensure there is enough memory left free for other processes, firmware updates, etc…

Reading from flash is relatively unlimited, writing to and deleting from flash have an upper limit and I have seen the 100k write cycles mentioned in other posts.

  1. What is the write count theoretical limit?
  2. What is the delete count theoretical limit?

I assume that a firmware update writes the new firmware to flash and then during reboot installs it followed by tidying up any files etc left behind to free up space again.
3. What is the suggested space required to allow firmware updates? This is to ensure I leave enough space plus additional allowance.

Your help and guidance is much appreciated.


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