TRB 145 - Time sync

Hi, Time zone set as Asia/Kolkata. These are the config i have done for time sync. Its works fine for some time. But some times automatically changes as UTC. How to fix this…??


Firstly, may I kindly inquire about the current firmware version installed on your device? I recommend updating to the latest firmware, RutOS 7.4.5, which is available for download on our Wiki page: Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Furthermore, could you provide some context regarding the occurrence of the issue? Did it happen during a configuration process, or did it arise unexpectedly? Your insights will greatly assist us in troubleshooting the problem effectively.

Furthermore, I’d like to discuss the usage of the ‘Operator station synchronization’ option.

If your intention is to set the timezone to Asia/Kolkata, you can simply select that timezone on device WebUI → Services → NTP → General without enabling „operator station synchronization“ option. There is no need for further configuration. However, if there’s a specific reason you require this option, please provide additional details for clarification.

If the issue persist even after disabling the ‘Operator station synchronization’ option, please don’t hesitate to create another query so that we can continue to assist you effectively.

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Hi Julius
Thank you so much for your response.
Please find the attached image below, These are the configuration for one of our site(A) for time sync. This works fine no issue this sim works with IPV4 protocol… We have tried the same config for another site(B) but it’s not working. sim supports only the IPV6 protocol. We have made few changes in the config as per your technician guidelines. That works fine for some time after a few hours time automatically changes as UTC. Sim providers are also not aware of which sim has IPV4 & IPV6. We prefer to use JIO networks which are currently releasing IPV6 only.



Thanks for additional information.

To address the issue with SIM cards using the IPV6 protocol, I recommend transitioning to NTPD instead of NTP, as this should resolve the problem. However, for SIM cards employing the IPV4 protocol without any issues, there’s no need to switch to NTPD, and you can continue using NTP.

I also recommend updating your device’s firmware to the latest RutOS 7.5 version. You can access and download the firmware versions from our wiki page: FW & SDK Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

To enable the NTPD service, you can download the required package from our device’s WebUI package manager. In the latest RutOS 7.5 firmware, the package manager is accessible under System → Package Manager. Simply search for ‘NTPD’ in the search bar and proceed to download it. Once downloaded this services can be found on System → Date and Time → NTPD. Please note that my instructions are based on RutOS 7.5 firmware and navigation may vary if you are using an older firmware version.

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