TRB-145: how to write background services


I need to run a script “constantly” on a TRB-145 (not only once at boot). On a normal linux system with systemd this is not a complicated thing to do. What is the correct way of doing this on rutOS? Should I do it like it is done on OpenWRT? (I don’t have experience with that either) Does anyone have a “recipe” or a tutorial or an example for this?

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For this one, you can utilize the crontabs for to periodically run your script on the device.
You go to to generate the right crontab commands to be configured later to the device.

Configure it accordingly based on your desired period, then below you input the directory to execute your script.


Once generated, login to the CLI of your TRB145 then execute the command crontab -e, then add the generated crontab command earlier.

Note: to make sure that your script will not be deleted when you do a firmware upgrade, you can the directory of it to /etc/sysupgrade.conf file.

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