TRB 140 Remote Access not working


I have a new TRB140 Gateway and all is working as expected. The Modem with a Sim Card is online and I can access it from my local network, connect to the internet etc. I also enabled the enable remote HTTPS access in the access control section. The public IP is also synchronized with a dyndns service and is working as expected.

In the status overview I can see an private IP 10.xx in the section MOB1S1A1. The public IP that is synchronized with the dyndns is, of course, an other ip address.

Is that the reason why I can’t reach the webGUI from outside with the dyndns address?

Thank you for any idea how I can solve this.


You are correct that your assigned IP address is private. Your carrier is performing a processing step called Carrier-Grade NAT or CGNAT for short. This means that the public IP you see in the DDNS service is shared across many users.
Carriers usually do not permit ports to be opened when CGNAT is used, so the “public IP” will not be of much use for you, since you will not be able to reach the device from the public internet.
More information about CGNAT and NAT in general can be found here: Network Address Translation - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Hope this helps!

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Hello, thanks for your explanation.

I think that will be the root of the problem. So dyndns is probably useless for me in that case? A Mobotix Cam is attached to the TRB140. Do you maybe have an idea how I could implement a remote access to this cam? Because of CGNAT, port forwarding on the TRB is therefore not possible.

By the way, your RMS access is working fine. So the access to the gateway itself can be performed over this way. But it would be great, if some users can access the camera without RMS? Do you have an idea?

Thank you.


RMS does not require a public IP address, as it uses reverse proxy to establish the connection to the device (basically the device initiates the connection first). To access the device remotely without RMS you have a few options:

  • Contact your ISP for possibility to provide a public IP address

  • If you have a server with a public IP address, it can be used for a VPN connection;

  • ZeroTier is a VPN service that does not require a public IP address on either end of the connection. more information can be found here: ZeroTier One VPN configuration RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki

These are the main options on how the camera could be reached.

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